Çay at the Womensfront
Çay at the Womensfront
Jin Jiyan Azadî

JIN JIYAN AZADÎ being shouted on the streets of Rojhelat and Iran by young women and all the other parts of society and it’s echoing all over the world. What is the real meaning of this slogan? What is the current situation? How are the uprisings in Rojhelat and Iran connected to the revolution in Rojava? What is the meaning of Kurdish identity in this context and in the events taking place right now? These are some of the questions we are discussing in this episode with Beri – who is from Rojhelat and living in diaspora.

“It’s this friction between how people are born and the ideas and thoughts they have inherited from their ancestors and then this system that is put upon them. And they are so far apart, that’s why it will never work.” – Beri

Our guest: Beri Shalmashi @berishalmashi from Rojhelat, living in Netherlands